White Dove Down – Second Act

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Tyme” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan)

And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine.

The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

In the five days that takes Thad to recover, Shalimar had returned from his gig and joined the team to get caught up on the events that happened. Tyme with his contacts want to know what exactly the dead goon in Amaria Jayde’s apartment with the Totentanz stamp on his hand was doing? Was it coincidence that he was there in the night club as well the same night as the dead corporate girl?

Back in Essence Investigation, Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar. go over their options of what to do next. Meanwhile, out on the street below the building the sound of gunfire can be heard among the rumble of thunder. Shalimar shows off some of the items had bought; the old saying “A Rockerboy and His Eurodollars are soon parted”, including a full set of metal gear, a missile launcher and also a  chipped in Gorilla. A hulking imposing creature with cybernetic implants that can drive a vehicle and shoot a weapon if needed be.

News filter in with the death of another corporate kid, Handsome Jawn, has died of a heroin overdose. Social media searches reveal that he was part of Amaria Jayde’s circle and apparently lived hard and died rather painful, also that he’s been scene with Amaria Jayde on the circuit as well and a computer search shows that both Handsome and Amaria have been hanging out with the same red-headed girl.

With no netrunner to guide them along on their search they do things the old fashioned way and use social media to put the pieces to the puzzle together. The girl is Patti 88 another socialite but from a different corporate family. Tyme and Thad seem to think that someone is trying to off the rich kids so that the corp orates will war with each other?

Thad calls up Patti88 and a gruff voice answers. The voice on the other end is also trying to get information and Thad hangs up. Seems that Patti 88 is also in trouble at the moment. Tyme calls his NCPD connection, Strawberry, to get a lead on Patti 88 and he discovers that Patti 88 is the sister of an Body shoppe med-tech who has a walk in clinic near the DMZ as well.  Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is open for business 28 hours a day! It just so happens that Doctor Wu’s name is the prescription on the bottles that Tyme had found in Jayde’s medicine cabinet before the place went boom.

So our heroes make a trip to Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic to see what answers they can get. They decide to by an old delivery van and gear up for combat, since they are heading into the edge of the DMZ. After a quick drive by to scoot the area out first and look for quick escape routes to see what escape options they have in case things get too hot to handle.


 Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is located in a rough section of the town and has a boostergang lounging around in the front. The booster gang are none other than “The Piranhas” a party hard kind of crowd.

Our heroes decide to take the direct approach on the matter and proceed in like they are there to see the good doctor. Thad backs in to the front door, Tyme jumps out of the back and glances around with the huge gorilla standing there in Metal Gear with a huge ass weapon. The Piranhas back off saying there are only here waiting on a buddy whose getting patched up and if they have a beef with the doctor maybe they could wait til the job is done? The Piranhas state that they’ll wait in the bar across from the clinic.

The clinic is extremely busy in the wee hours of the morning, the chairs are full of citizens, some hurt, some not and just want a shot of whatever drug they can get. A solo is sleeping by the receptionist who looks like she’s been hired recently and looks like she just doesn’t have a clue in the world of what she is doing. A baby is crying, an addicted is screaming lyrics to a song about Voodoo people, and it sounds like someone is being operated without any anesthesia whatsoever from the back room.

Tyme chats with the frazzled receptionist and tells her that they should clear out the building. Doctor Wu’s solo, Nerf, is three sheets to the wind and agrees with the situation saying he’s not bad all that well for “this kind of $h!t that’s about to go down”. So, the group clears out the lobby.

They head down the hallway where the screaming is coming from, while taking a look in other areas if the door is open or the blinds up from windows. There in one of the medical bays they see Doctor Wu on a table being questioned by two imposing goons. It seems that this team was hired by the father of Handsome Jawn to find out what happened to his son and who sold him the lethal drug that caused his overdose. Doctor Wu states he knows nothing at all about any heroin or why his name is on bottles found in places as well.

And that’s when Patti 88 arrives with a “squad” of her own and this is where it all goes sideway in one helluva of a battle at Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic! The other “team” that was hired leave stating they got information they wanted and let Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar handle Patti 88 and her team.

There is a battle, bullets flying and scarring up the walls and doors, bouncing over armour here and there as well. The gorilla gets into the fight as well. Let’s just say that the good doctor had passed away due to injuries sustain and a section of the clinic destroyed due to an explosive device as well.

And our heroes are left with more questions than answers.

But, isn’t that the nature of Cyberpunk? 😉


It’s On, It’s On Like Donkey Kong


Last night I thought I would be a player or two short for the session (one at a Christmas dinner the other at a Parade) but imagine my surprise when all three of them eventually showed up to the door. The Christmas Dinner was an afternoon brunch so that he had his evening free and there was no Parade for the other fellow to march in.

So, after a late start we continued on with our Cyberpunk 2020 tour de force! Tidying up some loose ends from the previous session and one player caught up on the skinny of what happened. The session I will blog in a bit but for now I was happy just to roll some dice and get some gaming in.

The session was short and sweet and a few more questions were unraveled but nothing was answered but more “red herrings”? Oh, well, let’s see what the next session will take us. Though, the Saturday Game Night will be put on hiatus since next weekend is Christmas Eve and the weekend after that be New Years.

Still, I have my Boxing Day event to look forward too as well.


White Dove Down

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Time” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan) (Away)

“Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life
Because a mainline in my vein
Leads to the center in my head
And then I’m better off than dead.”
            Heroin – The Velvet Underground

Mr. Tyme receives a call from Bag Lady who has a client that has a special job for them to do. A payback for the loss of his daughter. The clients daughter goes by the handle of , Amaria Jayde, and she had died when she plunged to her death from her high-rise apartment.

According to the NCPD police reports she was high on a lethal dose of heroin. Everyone knows that Heroin is an old school drug and very hard to get these days ever due to biological warfare. Tyme also finds out that the evidence has already been “destroyed” due to a mishap in transportation.

A little quick research of social media reveals that Amaria Jayde is the daughter of corporate big wig Nelson Falcon. Falcon owns a chain of hotels throughout the world; Falcon’s Rest which are five star hotels that cater to the rich and famous.  Bag Lady tells Tyme to play this one cool and make sure it doesn’t look like a “revenge” hit because that might open up a whole new bag of worms.

Tyme calls Thad and tells him to meet him at the new location that he’s been setting up. He also calls Shalimar but he is currently playing a few gigs and will not be able to attend and sends his regrets. Thad arrives and Tyme greets him at the main doors, they enter the building and take the elevator up to the fifth floor, Tyme explains to Thad that they have to take the stairs the remaining three floors.

Apparently, there was one hell of a firefight in this building a few weeks back and things are being renovated. It also explains the reason why Tyme got the office space for dirt cheap.

Essence Investigations is on the eight floor of the building and Tyme gives Thad the guided tour. It will be there base of operations, there fortress of solid, a place to hang out and wait for clients. Once the tour is complete Tyme and Thad do some quick investigation of Amaria Jayde.

Amaria is one of those rich kids club sets. Spending her father’s hard earned money at various hot spots in Night City. Including tonight which social media flutter with pix from Short Circuit with some selfies of her and her crew as well as a fellow named Viscount. Viscount has been in a few of the background photos and he stands out since he’s the only one not smiling.

A search tells us that Viscount’s real name is Morris Matters who was part of a street gang named “Sanguinus Multa” which translate to “The Blood of Many”. Viscount is a big time drug “fixer” he’s motto “If you want it, I can get it… for a price”. He’s always seen in the background of photos of the jetset club.

Thad, who has connections in the underworld, calls for help from an old friend to get info on Viscount. He learns that Viscount is considered”untouchable” due to his underworld connections as well. Thad is also warned that there are three “Sharpshooters” that are out to get him due to what had transpired in the past, and to watch his back at all times.

Tyme puts in a call to a connection to see if Amaria Jayde’s apartment is okay to search and it is. So they make their way across town to the place. To find that the crime scene seal has been cut and that there appears someone inside the apartment. Actually, there are three men in black that are inside the apartment and they appear to be cleaning up.

A firefight breaks out and Thad gets shot in the leg once again… but this is due to a mishap from Tyme. It seems whoever these guys are doesn’t want anything uncovered at all. But, Tyme and Thad untimely intervention makes them believe this is a “conspiracy” of a cover up.

The clean up crew is dealt with and our heroes enter the apartment and a search of the bodies and find nothing of value but one of them has a stamp from “Totendanz” club. Also, that Amaria Jayde, had also been there earlier that night. A coincidence? As they look around the apartment they discover that “flashers” set on timers have been set up in each room to go off in a few moments. Tyme grabs stuff from the medicine cabinet and runs out the apartment just before the implosion occurs.

*GM Note: Even though this combat is a little blurb it took up the bulk of the session.

It seems someone else is trying to wipe clean evidence in this case. Tyme discovers that one of the pill bottles is empty but there is a prescription on it from a Street Doc in the DMZ of the city.

So, now our heroes are left wondering what are they going to do next.

End of Part I.

It’s Only Make Believe…

It’s good to get back into the regular swing of gaming once again, and it’s nice to have the group expand; introducing someone new to the game is always a blessing and a curse since they really don’t understand the concept. It’s a learning process for them as well, and I as a game masters (as well as the other players) are teachers in this process.

Cyberpunk is a quick and easy game to pick up and even though it’s dated (since the game came out in the early 90’s) it’s still fun to run and play. The technology in the game sure has changed, but the players don’t mind it at all. Considering it an “alternate reality” and just go with flow of the adventure.

I don’t know how many more sessions this game will last since the Dark Future is a pretty damn deadly place and character lives are like matches waiting to be struck!

Bookkeeping – Cyberpunkin’ Style


Last night’s session was just a bookkeeping one for the players. They were spending eurodollars on items and stuff they’d need  and also cashing in some IPs to raise a skill or gain new ones. Also, checking out the Chromebooks to see if something caught their eye, and what they think they might need in the long run.

It was an interesting gabfest  and a keen insight of a new player at the table that’s for sure. Though, by the time we had finished the record keeping the evening was pretty well over and it was kind of late to jump into the next adventure.

Though, it’s that time of the year when staff Christmas parties and family gatherings occur frequently that cut into precious game times as well. Hopefully, we will be able to jump into the next adventure when we gather at the table once again.

Never Fade Away

A Cyberpunk 2020 session

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Time” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan)
Coyote Chrome, Techie (NPC)

*GM Note: Never Fade Away is a story in Cyberpunk rule book and it has been slightly modified for our heroes.

Our adventure begins with a call from “Bag Lady” she’s a well known fixer in Night City. She has contacted Jackson who just might have an inside information on what a big client needs. She has arranged for a meeting at The Atlantis, which is a corporate bar.


The Atlantis is a place where the contacts are good, and the pickings easy. Where Corporates looking for a fast freelance assassination. medias and Runners looking to trade information. Fixers with guns, armor and smuggling jobs, etc,…

Jackson has called in an old friend to help him, Thad Thaddeus, a Solo, good with a gun and ready to protect. Jackson and Thad work out a plan of action, Jackson will sitting at a booth across from the bar where Thad sits so he can keep an eye and ready for action. Rockerboy legend, Johnny Silverhand strolls into the establishment, his head held high, a cocky light in his eyes. He spots Jackson and makes his way over to the table. He’s stopped by a waitress and signs an autograph and has a selfie taken with her before he sits down at the booth.

“Mr. Time,” Silverhand says. “Bag Lady told me you can help me.”

“What do you wish to acquire,” Jackson asks.

“Time,” Silverhand replies, “And I’m running short on it.”

Silverhand has a task and he explains the situation. Early that evening after a coming out of a gig with his girlfriend, Alt, he was caught of guard by three goons pretending to be fans. They jumped him, wrecked him up good and when he came too in a pool of his own blood, his girlfriend was missing. He breaks his trauma card and comes too in a hospital. Where he has been stitched back together.

It’s here that Silverhand learns from an old contact that the “goons” were sponsored by Arasaka. It wasn’t a hit on him, but they were after his girlfriend, Alt. She just so happens to be a hotshot programmer and had designed a program called “Soul Killer”.  Rumour has it that Arasaka is working on their own version of “Soul Killer” and needed Alt’s input on it. Alt is being held in Arasaka tower and he needs to get her out ASAP.

Thad who has been watching over the bar, notices three men entering and making a bee line right for Jackson and Silverhand. He catches Jackson’s eye and nods over to the doorway and that’s when all hell breaks loose! The guns draw their weapons, they are going to take out Silverhand. Jackson first instinct is to expand his heavy armored coat around Silverhand to act as a shield as bullets begins to flow. The jacket absorbs the hits as Silverhand and Jackson make it to the exit.

Thad jumps into action and begins picking off the goons. In a matter of seconds three goons are down but Thad’s leg is shot up pretty badly. He staggers out after Jackson and Silverhand while he places a call to an old friend, “Lucy 4”. Silverhand has a Porsche in the parking lot and that’s where they are heading. Jackson sees that Thad is seriously wound helps him across the lot towards the vehicle.

The  Porsche explodes and debris rains down among them. An armoured AV-4 hovering over the lot and now bullets rain down from the heavens.  As cars in the lot are being chewed up by a mini-gun, though that doesn’t last long as the AV-4 is hit with a rocket from out of the blue.

“Lucy 4” has arrived on the scene to help out her friend in trouble. She lands her modified “Trauma” AV-4 and everyone loads up. She takes them to a hospital where Thad’s leg needs to be looked after by “professionals” instead of Street Docs.

It is here where the team decides a course of action calling in and cashing in markers. They need to get into Arasaka and they need a plan. Jackson places a call to A.D.A Montgomery to see if his old flame “Coyote Chrome” is out of jail. Turns out she is and has been for several months. She’s been catching up on the latest technology. Also since Thad’s leg is useless if they can get a “big gun” for him to use. Since Thad has a keen shot, maybe he can just do some good from a vantage point.

Silverhand places some calls to members his old group “Samurai” he wants them to get together for a big show in a park right across from Arasaka. While Thad makes a call and brings in Shalimar Seppuku to help out as well.

They all gather and work out a plan that will get them into Arasak tower and rescue Alt. Word gets spread that Samurai is getting back together for a big gig in Park Green and the techies begin set up the equipment, as fans begin to trickle into the park. Thad takes up nest in a good location, a tower across the street that is currently going under renovations on four floors and he sets up a snipers nest.

Jackson and Shalimar will filter in with the crowd and will make their way to Arasaka once the plan is underway. The stage is set and the time to strike will begin once Silverhand sings the lyrics “Chippin’ in”.


Thousands of people have been filing into the park waiting for the show to begin, Thad from his vantage point scans the area and keep tabs on things out of the ordinary. Shalimar is among the crowd while Jackson hands by a tree and waits for the right opportunity.

Silverhand takes the stage and begins the show, Shalimar can spot a red dot dancing around Silverhand’s head and he alerts the others. Thad with his keen vision spots a sniper at another building and is going to take him out. Jackson cautions him saying that to do that no will give away our plan since the sniper cannot take out Silverhand in front of a huge crowd across from Arasaka. Thad waits and hopes that Jackson isn’t wrong.

The show goes on and Samurai breaks into their classic hit, and Silverhand incites the crowd and jumps into them. This is the signal and Thad decides to take out the sniper first before she get’s a chance to fire. Jackson grabs Shalimar and they head to building as well, they break from the crowd and into the building.

Now I won’t go into detail of the events that happened here (just imagine the scene from the Ryan Reynold’s film Smokin’ Aces). With Shalimar and Jackson dealing with the guards in the lobby and then heading to the elevator making their way up Arasaka searching for Alt and fighting guards. Coyote Chrome hacking into Arasaka to mess with the security, and trying to find out where Alt is located. There are encounter with a few modified cybernetic sentries. With Thad and his sniper rifle picking off anyone and everyone who happens to get in the way.

After dealing with cyborg, Jackson get’s hit with a hail of bullets (14) from a Minami 10 SMG and one shot manage to hit him in the head, causing a huge wound and takes him out. Shalimar battles the cyborg and manage to shove him down an elevator shaft, by now they can hear the crowd of fans that have stormed through Arasaka and make their way to the penthouse. Though, a helicopter takes off from the rooftop, Thad is about to fire a shot but then his gun jams. The helicopter takes off.

Thad calls in Lucy to help since Jackson is seriously injured.  Shalimar tends to the wound with first aid but he doesn’t know if will matter. Lucy’s AV-4 arrives and they load up, she swings by to pick up Thad as well and they head to the hospital to determine the fate of Jackson.


Saturday’s Game & The Long Weekend

Since this was a long weekend I really didn’t know who would show up to the game table, due to it being a thanksgiving weekend. So, when Saturday rolled around I had received a text from one player that he wouldn’t make it to the game due to a Thanksgiving dinner and then he was called in to work after that.

So, two players arrived and that was a good sign and we continued on with touching up on the characters and did a few sample combat since it was one player’s first time actually sitting in a table top role playing game. It was a good evening of clocking back into Night City once again and playing what the future might of looked like through the eyes of the 1990’s.


Night City

On Sunday we went over to the Mother-in-Law’s for thanksgiving dinner with the family and some friends and enjoyed a meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, baked beans piled high to the sky and washed it all down with some tomato juice. After the meal, I went outside to work off some calories by playing soccer with the not-so-great nieces.

Afterwards, we came home and had a couple of games of Clue. Since it’s a family favourite even the dog wanted to get in on the action.



And then watched the Toronto Blue Jays when the division against the Rangers. I’d say it was a pretty good weekend.