Well, it’s been a few weeks since last entry and I really should be keeping up on this thing. But, then again I don’t have much to add at the moment. I’ve been working on a few adventure ideas: Powers & Perils Fantasy Role Playing Game of Unique Dimensions, Living Steel High-Tech Adventure Game, and Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition.

These are games that I wouldn’t mind pulling off the shelf and run a few sessions with so that I can breath proper life into the system once again. My first encounter with Powers & Perils was a visitation to a hobby shop in The Station Mall in Sault Ste. Marie, On. I saw it up on the shelf and it was labeled a bookcase game. There was a wizard who looked like he was about to reign down some serious stuff on something and that intrigued me. I pulled the box set down from the shelf and had a look at the cover. It seemed the wizard was the bad guy and had a huge lizard beast at his side as a warrior came charging in and it looked like a priestess was about to cast something as well. I flipped it over and read the descriptions on the back.

One describing a cavern and an encounter with a dragon, the other an encounter late at night in the city which takes a turn for the worse. Intrigued, I purchased the box set and couldn’t wait to open it. I gave it a read through and at the time the math involved with this game was pretty complex, I tried running a session and it failed miserably simply due to the fact that I was unfamiliar with the game mechanics. In hindsight it was all there but I couldn’t see it through the equations. I ended up loaning the game to another fellow who ran a few interesting adventures and then in the process of moving I forget to get the game back from him.

I did manage to find another copy of the game at a Convention back in 2014. It had a $25 sticker on it and I snatched it up. Since then I hammered out an adventure, working on detailing my take on the “Perilous Lands” and what not.

It was 1987 and my buddy, Tim C, had Living Steel in his collection and he ran a couple of sessions. I was home for the summer, and so were Tim C and Anthony Cl. who home as well. Each of us had graduated from high school in 85-86 and had flown the coop to explore what lies in our future. This is a fun summer we had of gaming and Living Steel was on the agenda. Tim ran KVSR Rocks and we had a blast but he really wanted to play in this setting so he passed the game onto me to run.

I ran a couple of sessions and we had a blast and then before you knew it summer was over. We all went our separate ways again, I think it was the last time that all three of us were in the same room together and rolled dice. That summer we were a Trio of Trouble as Tim C’s mother dubbed us.



10 Role-Playing Games

List 10 Role-playing Games that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER. Don’t take too long and don’t think too long:

  1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
  2. Gamma World Science Fantasy Role playing Game
  3. Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game
  4. Boot Hill Role playing Game in the Wild West
  5. Dark Conspiracy
  6. RuneQuest
  7. Traveller
  8. James Bond 007 Role Playing in Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  9. DC Heroes Role Playing Game
  10. Tunnels & Trolls The Complete Fantasy Role Playing Game.

We Are Stardust

Sipping coffee and enjoying the crisp cool November air.

It’s November, already. It just seemed like only yesterday the news of David Bowie’s death shocked the world. It still hurts knowing that he had shuffled off this mortal coil of ours. But, there is comfort thinking that maybe he’s exploring the universe as Ziggy Stardust?

Right now, David Bowie’s Scary Monsters … and Super Creeps album is playing in the background, it’s one of my all time favourite albums to listen to. It’s been on my heavy rotation of playing this year and the reason is understandable.

For the past several days now I’ve been hammering out a couple of adventures for Dark Conspiracy Role Playing Game. I had recently acquired Heart of Darkness scenario (I had it before but then I loaned it to someone and forgotten who I had loaned it too) as well as another copy of the core rule book.


It’s always been a personal favourite of mine but I haven’t had a chance to run a proper campaign and such a long, long time that I think I’m due to run it. Well, let’s see what the future will bring.

Go Ask Alice

The latest issue of Protodimension Magazine is out today and it has the conclusion to my Unknown Armies (1st Edition) adventure Go Ask Alice which was featured in Issue #24

Protodimension Magazine #28

  • Hallowanigans, By Tad Kelson, A Vignette Style Short Adventure for Call of Cthulhu (Modern Day)
  • Wolf at the Door, By Linden Dunham, Dark Conspiracy scenario seed
  • The Zone, a Different Kind of Demonground, By Kevin O’Neill, For Dark Conspiracy, any edition
  • Baker’s Dozen, By Shae Davidson, Delicious Doughnut Shop-Themed Plot Hooks for any RPG
  • Costumes, By T Mike McCurley, A Dark Conspiracy short story
  • Trick or Treat, By Anthony Lee-Dudley, A scary tale
  • Member-Guest Zombie Apocalypse, By Brian Glenmuchie, New England Undead Fiction
  • Momo, By Jason D McEwen, An Ogre Variant for Dark Conspiracy
  • 45 Dreamland Nightmares, By Linden Dunham, Dark Conspiracy scenario seed
  • Ghost Seekers, Ghost Hunters and Assorted Occultists, By Paul Riegel-Green, Spooky Careers for Dark Conspiracy
  • Go Ask Alice-Conclusion, By Tim Bisaillon, A retro adventure for Unknown Armies (1st ed.)