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The Rose: Council of Guardians

Long before the World Wide Web there were BBS’s and on those BBS’s there were text based games. These Bulletin Board Systems where interconnected by individual computers with a main server in the area and others to dial up into. … Continue reading

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The World of Allusia

This is a fantasy campaign I had started and played only a few sessions and ended before the big reveal could occur. This kingdom was made for an  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons high fantasy campaign where the characters started exploring. … Continue reading

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After fancing up my Andor Kingdom for Quest of the Ancients RPG. I decided to hunt up some other maps of kingdoms I had drawn up over the years. Then I stumbled upon my world map of QUERP. Yep, the … Continue reading

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Quest of the Ancients: Andor Kingdom

Quest of the Ancients is a fantasy role playing game by Vince Garcia and published by Unicorn Game Publications in 1988. Basically, it could be considered a retro-clone of Dungeons and Dragons since it mainly focused on the skill system … Continue reading

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A Map Of What Was Suppose To Be

A realm based in the northern part of Ontario, with slight name changes and what not. It was this realm the characters began in.

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