RPGaDAY 12: Play the Game


What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

Currently my group has disbanded, but we were in the middle of a Conspiracy X campaign. A modern horror role playing game inspired by X-Files tv series. I ran several sessions and were doing a pretty big one when we took a break in the action. Due to life events happening, my commitment to the theatre in a production and since then we haven’t gotten together to finish it.

Since then I ran a couple of one shots here and there: Atomic Highways, Chthonian Highways, and Nefertiti Overdrive. The first two are post-apocalypse aka Road Warrior style games, the third is set in Ancient Egypt in a fantasy trope.

Now, that summer is waning and the fall will be upon us it’s time to think about starting up gaming once again. And, I’m thinking of running a far future science fiction game. I’m either looking at Traveller, Space Opera,  or Worlds Beyond. That’s what I’m thinking of… but who knows what will happen when that time comes.


Noble, No Baloney

A Quick & Dirty Nefertiti Overdrive Tale

Cast of Characters:
Amen-Ta, Nobility with Sass
Yul No, Shadowy Thief

Amen-Ta is awoken by the sound of movement in her room, and when eyes flicker open she spots a shadowy form in the corner of her room. Feigning sleep she moves her hand underneath a pillow and takes out a dagger. As the figure approaches the canopy, Amen-Ta sits up and throws the dagger.

Cut to opening credits, cue the theme song and were are in episode two of:

nefertini overdrive

Yul-No catches the dagger by slapping two hands together and stopping the blade from piercing his forehead. “It’s good to see that you sleep with a dagger under your pillows” Yul states as he sits on the edge of the bed.
“Well, ever since the last time I’ve come more cautious,” Amen-Ta replies.  “So what brings you hear at this time of the night that just about almost got you killed?
“I have a job that takes two people to do,” he states.
“And you thought that I would be the other?” she asks.
“Well, it involves a gem.”

And we are off and running with the latest installment of Nefertiti Overdrive!

Amen-Ta and Yul sneak out of the manor and blend into the manor settings, sneaking past the sentries and into the city like shadows is a breeze for them both. Over the villa wall and onto the streets is another story because they drop into some suspicious activities as a group of men where also taken to the shadows of the night; a group of thieves who just happen to be planning a break in on the Amen-ta’s home. It’s a bare knuckle, feet flying to the face, battle as Amen-Ta and Yul battle the six thugs!

In a matter of minutes it’s over and done with with four thugs down and two scampering off for their safety. Yul is hurt in the process, but he knows someone close by that might be able to help him. Amen-Ta helps Yul to his friend; Nour.  Nour is a priestess who is able to lay hands and heal the wound that Yul had taken.

As they step out of the street they see a man staggering down the street, drunk or drugged and they follow to make sure the fellow makes it safely home. They see the drunk stagger over to a beggar on the street and then the drunk reaches out to the beggar as if offering him a coin and the beggar lets out a blood cuddling scream!  As the flesh from the beggar begins to strip away and graph onto the drunk… the drunk is after all a Mummy.


 Amen-Ta and Yul prepare for trouble, and it was made double when the Mummy went into full ass-kicking mode! It’s a battle royal that went full cinematic story-telling mode for the next 70 minutes of combat action.  The battle is a big one, as our heroes face off with this nasty beast and the battle goes through several streets and buildings. (Imagine the scene in Predator 2 when the heroes chase the creature through apartment buildings).

And basically that was the session in a nutshell.

A Noble Night Out

A Quick & Dirty Nefertiti Overdrive Tale

Cast of Characters:
Amen-Ta, Nobility with Sass

Amen-ta is standing on a balcony overlooking the city below, she is bored and wishes to partake in the celebrations that seem to be going on below. It is Wepet Renpet and the people are happy, gathering, celebrating, and making merry with the promise of a good year ahead. Amen-ta is bored and had wanted to go out with some friends, but her father would not have none of that since he has plans for the evening as well. He forbids her from leaving and since she is not going to be joining the others in the main house she can stay out her and dwell on that for a while and he leaves.

She turns to enter the humble abode when she spots movement along the roof top, when she looks up there are a group of shadowy figures scaling down the wall towards the balcony. Before she can let out a scream, a hand is over her mouth and a sack is placed over her head and then it’s lights out!

Amen ta comes too in an alley way since she is bound and gagged and wrapped up in a sack. She is being carried by the kidnappers and she is working on getting free from her bonds when the group of men stop and she hears voices. It seems her kidnappers have crossed into another gangs territory without their permission and now a tribute must be made. And that’s not going to happen since the leader of the kidnappers state they are on an extremely important assignment for a high priest and that this job needs to be done. The other gang states they will do the job but then that’s when the daggers are drawn and a fight breaks out.

Amen-ta hits the ground like a sack of potatoes but she uses the diversion to loosen the bonds and get free. As the gang fight around her she crawls through the grounds and into an alley and that’s when she notices that the fighting has stopped. Since the rival gang recognizes the princess and the other gang wants to bring her to the high priest and then there is a chase that happens. Amen-ta using the Hands of Amun-Ra scales the wall to elude her pursuers and run along the side of the roof.

Now this is a pretty big chase scene that happens, image a scene from Jason Bourne movie with her being chased and jumping from rooftop to rooftop and going from room to room while eventually dealing with small clusters of her kidnappers and the rival gang. It’s a pretty brutal as well since the narrative was pretty cinematic and I can’t do it justice with mere words here.  Here are a couple of the scenes. 

As Amen-ta runs from a building she leaps across and lands on the other roof and then kicks up as two other fellows do the same. She connects with her foot and both men drop to the alley below.  She then jumps from rooftop into an open window as a family is sitting down for a meal and she exits out the other window and into another building where she stops and lucks around and sees some twine and then she makes a makeshift trip wire across the window she entered before leaving. As she leaves she hears the scream of one fellow plummeting.

She fled through a crowded street as one big gang member is tossing people out of his way to get to her and she turns a corner to see two of her kidnappers scanning the rooftops and she makes a bee-line right for them. By the time they see her she has built up enough speed to grab a rug and basically does a Pete Townsend guitar slide across the ground while punching both guys in the nuts. She grabs one of their knifes and rolls up to a stop as the big brute comes around the corner and throws her dagger at him. Hitting him right between the eyes and he staggers back.

Amen-ta makes it back home, and she scales the wall and up to the balcony when she stands and checks out her outfit when her father emerges and asks if she has made a decision. The night is still young and she can still celebrate with them since she is not going out side. She apologizes to her father and as she walks away from the balcony she breaks the fourth wall and winks to you dear reader.

And that was the end of that quick & dirty session.

In All Seriousness

A dagger entombed with King Tutankhamen was made with iron from a meteorite!

This just screams an adventure…. and something like this deserves an awesome adveture either for Nefertiti Overdrive or even The Valley of The Pharaohs RPG! Holy Stargate, Batman! I got tons of ideas swimming around in my head and has me envisioning some pretty cool scenes that are tied together with a common thread and it’s unfolding into something like an epic tale of Ancient Egypt, meteorites and and alien encounter!

Hot Dang!

The Valley of The Pharaohs

Back in the mid 80’s while I was in high school, I remember someone running  a one-shot session (it could of been two or three) of The Valley of the Pharaohs – Role Playing Adventure in Ancient Egypt. It was from Palladium Books and had it’s own system. I had created a common caste whose profession was a thief. I called him Tetu but during the course of the adventure the other players where calling him “Tattoo’.

All I am able to recall of the adventure is that Tetu and another character, Miliki, a noble soldier, where on the back of a giant scorpion as Miliki was holding the stingers as Tetu was plunging a knife into the creatures head before tumbling off a pyramid. Good times, good times.

The reason why I was thinking of this game was due to the fact of playing Nefertiti Overdrive at Cangames. It got me thinking of other games set in Ancient Egypt and a few D&D modules with the Ancient Egypt motif to them as well; Desert of Desolation especially and the fun they had offered. I remember that I had nabbed the The Valley of The Pharaohs rule set from Palladium several years back when they offered it as a free download (along with a Palladium Fantasy module The Arms of Nargash-Tor) and had printed off in he hopes of running an adventure or two with it. I didn’t though I had used the maps for a AD&D adventure).


I had a blast playing Nefertiti Overdrive and had picked up a copy of the book due to just the premise and it got me hungry for adventures in Ancient Egypt. I was thinking of something to run for next years Cangames event with it’s theme “Taking Flight” and had an idea with an Egyptian flare to it. So, I’m working on an idea at the moment for The Valley of the Pharaohs which may or may not make it to the game table.

Nefertiti Overdrive

nefertini overdrive

Each year at Cangames, my crew and I show up for the day where we shop, play games and then buy a thing or two (okay alright three or more). We generally socialize for a bit and catch up in each other news and what not.

I normally run a game at 2pm and then we all try to get into a game and play as a group at 7pm. Well, this is all about the 7pm game: Nefertiti Overdrive. In the morning at the convention we signed in and got the schedule and had a glance to see what game was available to suit 5-6 of us and lo and behold there was still slots available for this one and we decided to give it a go.

With a title like Nefertiti Overdrive visions of Cyberpunk or Shadowrun or some dark future type of fast action game danced in our heads. Little did we know that it was going to be a tale set in ancient Egypt. In a universe where the past scenes in The Mummy movie was sort of the main focus. A game of dice pools, cool movies and scenes scripted by some Hollywood hack mainly what we learn and saw in the movies played with the theme. It was fantasy, mythology and a whole truckload of pop culture as we wandered the streets of Thebes. Battling assassins, assisting refugees and entering in a world where magic is unleashed with your imagination.

The common dice for the pools are d6, d8, d10’s with the occasional d12 and d4’s added for effect. It was a fun session and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the scenes in which other players where describing what they wanted to do. Some of them cashing in all of their fate chips going “all in” into the effort. I haven’t felt this good about a game in awhile.