Going Solo


Tunnels & Trolls is one of those games that I can break out and create a couple of characters and then go on a random adventure. Usually, it ends in chaos but it’s all good fun.

This morning I created a Dwarf Warrior and named him Frawd Roirraw and put him up against 3 goblins and the battle was pretty nasty. Frawd managed to win but he was nearly depleted on Health points. So, as he rested up I rolled a one for an encounter and got another 2 goblins who rushed into the room and then Frawd was no more.

Such is life in Tunnels & Trolls.


The Engraved Face

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tale of Intrigue Inspired by the 5e Starter Set

Cast of Characters:
Jem Harper, a human barbarian (Nevion)
Ander Heldar, a human wizard (Chance)
Rolen Holiman, a wood elf ranger (Darryl)


Our journey begins on a well traveled road, on this day a light drizzle falls from the sky, it’s a damp and dark day as our heroes travel north. Around midday they break for lunch at a rest stop area. there Rolen finds a rock with a stone face. Intrigued by this discovery; Jem, Ander, and Rolen decide to scout around to see what they can find. They find a stone finger and then what looks like a hand as well. They begin to do a perimeter search.

Off the rest spot there is a babbling creek and discover a statue of a human that is kneeling over the water. The statue is missing it’s head and an arm. The statue just might of been someone who had been turned to stone. Rolen spots a woman in the distance woods but she disappears when he goes to alert the others. Ander seems to think that there is something strange here and they are about to go search for the woman. They do find a backpack and bedroll close by the statue and investigate that.

It seems this has been here for at least a few days since squirrels and other woodland creatures of consumed the food, though there are fine garments inside, also a scroll case with a parchment inside.

Lord Telos,
My spies inform me that strangers are due to arrive soon. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don’t allow them to upset our plans. Any dwarven maps in their possessions are to be delivered to me with haste.
I’m counting on you. Do not disappoint me.
*de Baas*


Our heroes hear sounds of horses approaching on the road. Three road wardens arrive and pull into the rest stop; Kilian Fibbs, Jayson Ridge, and Mittlemark Tenfellows who just so happen to be on duty and are about to take a break. Our heroes approach them and inquire about the statue in the area. Kilian states that they are patrolling the roadways to deter goblins that have been seen wandering the woods and in fact knows nothing about the statues.

Jayson says that it’s the work of an artisan who wants to make travelers feel they are not alone on the journey and that another “new” one had been place just a mile down the road.  Mittlemark says that rumours abound that a witch is in the area and have been turning men into stone! Kilian tells his men to curb their chatter and try not to scare the travelers of any false rumours since nothing has been confirmed.

Rolen asks where they are station and Kilian tells him “Out of Fort Watterfahls”.

Jem, Ander, and Rolen decide to investigate this new statue and see if there is any clues about it. They thank the road wardens for their time and information and head off to where the other statue is. They find it just off the road, it’s a shape of a human leaning up against a post.


The statue looks very nonchalant and at ease and it’s dressed in casual attire. As if he had to stop and admire the view, looking deeper into the woods.

Anders looks around and finds a rucksack and other gear set up off to one side as if a meal was going to be prepared.  Across the road the ruins of an old stone farmhouse stands and our heroes are generally intrigued on the mystery of the statues. Off in the woods,  a small group of humanoids approach and our heroes decide to take cover. It’s a little over a dozen goblins that are wandering about the area and walk pass, stopping outside the treeline to check the roadway before they begin to cross. Four of the goblins spot the statue and they stop to check it out as the others disappear into the woods across the road, the goblins than decide to chip away at the stone.

Anders, Jem, and Rolen spring into action as they take on the four goblins at the statue. The battle is swift and brutal as the goblins didn’t know what hit them. They search the goblin corpses to see what they can find; other than weapons shield and armour. Rolen decides to climb a tree and scout where the goblins are coming from. He spots a clearing off in the distance and a couple of hills with what looks like a cave entrance in one. Rolen is about to climb down when a three goblins break from the trees across the roadway and call out to the other goblins.

These goblins want to know what is taking their fellow clan members so long to investigate a rock. Rolen, who speaks goblins, answered back stating they had found “treasure”.

“Treasure?” one states.
“Goody goody,” another replies.

Then one alerts the others from the woods that “Treasure” has been found and the rest begin to appear from the trees like stars in the evening sky. Rolen knows he had goofed and in his quick thinking now he says “I see treasure down the road” and he points to the direction of the rest stop they where out. The goblins fall for the bluff and begin to head in the direction sticking close to the tree line.

Anders states the road wardens are down there and that they’ll be outnumbered and that they should help them. Rolen just shrugs and states “it’s not my problem” but Jem agrees with Anders since Jem is itching to do some battle. Our heroes stick to treeline on the other side of the road and keeping behind the goblins who are anticipating some treasure.

And then the road wardens are coming up the trail. The goblins are setting up for an ambush with the wardens but then our heroes catch the goblins off guard and all hell bust loose as Jem flies into a barbarian rage and charges into battle!

The battle is an epic one with the goblins as they are caught between the heroes and the warden but the wardens are getting slaughtered left and right. Jem is among the goblin and doing her best to take out as many of these snot-nosed buggers before anyone else gets hurt. Anders who seemed to be holding back on his attacks realize the goblins have taken down two of the road wardens, steps out of the woods and begins concentrating his spells at the shaman and his bodyguards.

It’s a rather fierce one and drawn out but in the end the goblins are defeated, two road wardens are dead, the remaining one is seriously injured. Our heroes bandage up the wounded warden and cloth the other two and decide to take them to Fort Watterfahls.



Roses are Blue, Violets are Red…


Upon rearranging my game shelf I stumbled upon this books tucked in a far back corner away from the light. It is another role playing game that I had picked up and never played.

Blue Rose The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy is one of those games that I picked up on a whim. I figured it would be a pretty easy game to run since it was a watered down version of the d20 system. And, since I had several ladies around the game table as well it might have been a fun system to run.

My problem was trying to get it going in the first place since we’ve been in a fantasy campaign for a while and ending one system to jump into another fantasy system wasn’t my style at the time. I’d like to shake things up a bit and run another genre for a bit and then jump back into a fantasy setting. I figured Blue Rose would do the trick, but the funny  thing was by the time I got to thinking about running Blue Rose, my game table had dwindled in size leaving two fellows and I don’t think they were in the mood for a romantic fantasy setting.

Maybe, one of these days I’ll dust this game off and give it a proper go.

It might be fun to do. After all I read a ton of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mercedes Lackey in my day and I think I can do the game justice.

It’s Only Make Believe…

It’s good to get back into the regular swing of gaming once again, and it’s nice to have the group expand; introducing someone new to the game is always a blessing and a curse since they really don’t understand the concept. It’s a learning process for them as well, and I as a game masters (as well as the other players) are teachers in this process.

Cyberpunk is a quick and easy game to pick up and even though it’s dated (since the game came out in the early 90’s) it’s still fun to run and play. The technology in the game sure has changed, but the players don’t mind it at all. Considering it an “alternate reality” and just go with flow of the adventure.

I don’t know how many more sessions this game will last since the Dark Future is a pretty damn deadly place and character lives are like matches waiting to be struck!

RPGaDAY 8 – Preferences


Hardcover, softcover, digital? What is your preference?

I always prefer the dead tree version of an RPG to have and to hold, to gaze upon it once it’s up on my shelf. Maybe it’s just the materialistic man inside me that wants to covenant a hardcover or softcover, though it seems so natural to have a book open on the table rather than a digital copy open on a device.

I love the sound of flipping pages, the smell of an new book or an old tome. Sometimes finding a character sheet folded up or someone had scribbled a note in the margin’s of it which also seems to unlock memories along with it.