The Sky Goes Clank (Session 6)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Abrum, Pure Strain Human (Wendel) (Away)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)

After the encounter with the Squeekers, Wyke, Kamanda, and Avagadro decide to rest up in a long corridor by the one door they hadn’t entered. Thinking over their options they opt to chat with Brenda Fouroneone in the cells once again.

They head to the cell where Brenda is standing and they begin asking her questions on why she was placed here. She tells them that she killed the ones who where in the process of changing or being changed from a mutation. They where no longer “normal” but a mutation of what they were becoming. She tells them that the ones who had captured her where sane but they decided to put her in the cell for safe keeping. They told her they would be back for her, but they never returned.

Wyke, Kamanda, and Avagadro discuss among themselves what course of action, and question her if she was to be free from her cell that would she attack them? She tells them no since in the time she has seen strange things and that something had gone amiss. She says she will help them if they let her free. Avagadro says that maybe it’s not a bad idea to have a murderbot on our side, but he wants to keep a close eye on her.

Erin Gray

Kamanda deactivates the cell and Brenda steps forward and thanks them. She then asks if she can have her stuff back. Wyke gives her some of her weapons back and she begins the process of field stripping and put it back together again to in a matter of a few minutes. Checking to see if they are in working order, and then our heroes head out.

Once at the door, Kamanda activates the opening and it slides open. Avagadro suggest maybe they should of gotten a bite to eat first since his stomach is growling. Wyke adds that it’s always growling and he has the M-60 ready for action.

They enter a short hall way that ends in an L. They spot blood stains on the steps down and notice huge gouge marks on the floor and walls as if some thing wanted to get out of this place quickly and failed to do so. There is also a spiderbot by the door which is deactivated like the others and Avagadro goes to inspect it.

Serf’s Up (Again)

Kamanda automatically throws up a repulsion shield at the corner. They continue on, and as they peek around the corner they see two Serfs on guard duty there. It’s a good thing Avagadro hid behind the spiderbot since it shielded him from view of the Serfs and these humanoids couldn’t get any of their mutations working due to Avagadro’s mutation that negates certain mutations within a radius from him.

Kamanda and Wyke retreat back, Brenda is about to go in for some action by Kamanda shows her a grenade that he had salvage from before and motions that he is going to toss it. Wyke likes that idea and takes one of the grenades he has as well. And on the count of three both of them toss them down the hall.

Avagadro sees what is happening and begins to scamper away but he is caught within the blast radius! Serf guards are down as well and Avagadro is severly wounded and still breathing, barely at that, since he’s clinging onto life with just one hit point left.

Wyke goes up to Avagadro, his new tunic torn to shreds and spitting out blood as well. This is not a good sign, and they all suggest to bring him to Helen. They pick him up and go down the hell and see Helen, explaining what had happened and if they can help their “pet” since he’s not doing to good. Brenda stats she will guard the door here to make sure no one comes in.

Helen administers some “healing salve” and Avagadro’s wounds begin to close, and she keeps applying it till his eyes open and he asks if anyone has anything to eat. He also informs the party that he senses a lot of hate in the area they are going to, and that it isn’t a good kind of hate at that!

The party comes up with a plan, a rather shaky and sketchy plan of action. See that Avagadro has a mutation that can block out some of the dangerous ones that the Serf’s might have he will lead the way.  They might have to clear go room by room in a hurry since he can sense them in various areas.  They activate the door to proceed but to their discovery it opens into a vast chamber. Where they see several Serfs dancing around a huge vehicle and they spot Abrum lying on the floor next to the vehicle. The Serfs seem to be chanting and caught up in some old ritual.

Lost in a roman, wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah…

Wyke thinks that they might be trying to summon a demon. The Serf’s are busy in their ritual that they haven’t noticed the party entering and by that time it’s too late and all hell breaks loose!

Tanks For the Memories

It’s a battle that’s for sure as Avagadro scampers across the floor, his mutation blocking out the Serfs before they have a chance to activate theirs. While Wyke unleashing the “Pig” in the area (making sure he doesn’t hit Abrum who is on the floor), Brenda with a slug thrower and setting her sites on one target. Kamanda unleashes a couple of mutations… and too make a long story short. The Serf’s a put down, the party has taken some wounds themselves and they found Abrum who is still breathing but unconscious due to a nasty head wound.

Our heroes scan this vast chamber and decide what their next course of action will be…



The Sky Goes Clank (Session 4)

A 2nd Edition Gamma World Tale
Cast of Characters:
Wyke, Pure Strain Human (Chris)
Abrum, Pure Strain Human (Wendel) (Away)
Kamanda Koroma, Mutated Humanoid (Steve)
Avagadro, Mutated Animal – Mole (Ed)

helenWyke’s injuries are being tended too by Helen Oneohone, while Kamanda continues to ask her questions much like a child would an adult.

“What is this place called?” Kamanda asks.
“Norad” Helen Oneohone answers.
“Why?” Kamanda questions.
“Because that’s it name,” she replies.
“Why?” Kamanda repeats. “What is Norad?”
“It stands for North American Air Defense Command…” she explains.

The questions continue and during this process they learned that she has been waiting for another one to relieve her. She’s been doing this for 138 cycles around the sun. She’s been treating the injured and the sick until her replacement comes in.  They also learn that General Graham “Candy” Caine is in charge of this post and is his office is located on Level 3. That several animals have been running loose throughout the complex, and there are some very sick military men that will not seek medical help due to the severity of their illness.

Avagadro is standing by the door and not entering the room but every now and then he puts his foot in the room and takes it out again whenever Helen is not looking. But, the floor itself lights up in the area that he is in which draws her attention. Abrum on the other hand is looking about the room, searching for items the party can use or take back with them to trade and barter with.

With his injuries tended too, Wyke asks Helen if they can take those “healing sticks” which she has stored in the counter. She tells him to take the rest as she is still waiting for supplies and that only a handful of those “hypodermic sprays” are all that’s left from 200 that where in there. Wyke is by the counter and opens it up, his elbow brushing up against the wall and accidentally hits a panel, a beam of light is in the room and Abrum is caught in it. He disappears right before the eyes of Abrum and Kamanda. Wyke turns around after hearing the others gasp in shock.

Abrum is no where to be seen. Since Helen was assisting Wyke with the “healing sticks” she doesn’t know where Abrum had disappeared off too.  He could of been taken to Eye See You due to his condition?

The party decides to explore more and maybe, just maybe they can find where Abrum had disappeared off too. Wyke asks Helen Oneohone to join them, and she says she will as soon as her replacement or someone with a high ranking will relieve her. Til now she is staying at her post.

They open the door and hear no more clanking sound and look down the hallway and continue west down the corridor and up to a t section. There is a door to the left of them, a door straight ahead and a hallway that opens up to a room to the north of them.  Wyke using his silver disk uses it to see around the corner and it indeed opens up into a room, but to his dismay there is a huge pile of bones in one section.


Avagadro hear about a pile of bones scampers into the room, he picks up a bone and begins chewing on it and glances around the room and notices a potted plant in the corner and he scampers away in a huge hurry back to the party. He does this since the last potted plant he ran into tried to eat him.

Kamanda steps forward and using his mutation starts fire to the potted plant and it only goes up in flames. They are planning on going up when Wyke suggest that they should check the door to the south and see if there is anything in the room. He doesn’t want anyone to come up from behind them while they are looking, and besides he doesn’t want to leave no stone unturned.

Kamanda activates the door with his key card and it slides open reviling a storage room, with crates as well as a dead mechanical spider in the room. The crates and boxes have been opened and ransack and it doesn’t look like much but one crate is there with picture of a big and it intrigues them. Wyke thinking something strange, Avagadro thinking something for his tummy since he is constantly fighting hunger pains. Both go over to investigate it. Kamanda notices that the door is ajar to the adjoining room and beers inside and spots a Badder! He is about to shout out a warning when suddenly a grenade rolls into the room.

Quick thinking on Kamanda part he throws up a shield around the “egg” as Wyke and Avagadro dive for cover and contains the explosion. Then another Badder, the one who tossed the grenade, steps out of the shadows and a battle is initiated.

Komanda being the mutant unleashes a wave of attacks with sword swings and using his mutations which the Badder shrugs off one but not another. But, due to his heightened precision he knows just where to hit and cause extra amount of damage, slicing and dicing the Badder.  In the process Wyke fires off his slug thrower and hits one of the badders between the eyes!

Avagadro is pretty damn furious since he was expecting to be eating some delicious swine but instead he’s fighting off some stupid badger-like humanoids that interrupted his meal and he unleashing full fury with teeth and claws on one of them. The other Badder falls down to the ground, and Avagadro sinks his teeth into it and begins tearing it apart.


Kamanda sets up a force field at the door, since they are going to spend time here and searching both rooms thoroughly. First of all Wyke and Avagadro investigate the pig crate while Kamanda searches the other room, gathering up papers on the floor and noticing a coffee mug with silver liquid in it. He pours the liquid into a wine skin to take for later inspection.

Both Avagadro and Wyke open up the pig crate to find a huge weapon in it, much to the disappointment of our hungry warriors but they decide to see what it can do. They spend a few hours here; with Wyke fascinated with this huge slug thrower and Avagadro and Wyke exploring the other crates and discovering a few things in the process:

a leather whip, a broken hilt of a sword, 12 glowing cubes, and a silver disc with a few buttons on it.

Wyke accidently fires off a burst from the M-60 which shoots up the room and nearly hitting a fleeing Avagadro with the bullets impacting the ground where he stood and fled from by mere millimeters. It’s a good thing that he can scamper quickly!

Wyke apologizes, and Avagadro about to say something when he senses a lot of hate coming from somewhere and he informs the rest of the party. Our heroes decide to spend a little more time to learn what they can learn from these new items they have discovered before they move on.


Tunnels & Trolls: I Don’t Remember

A quick sample of Tunnels & Trolls for someone who hasn’t played it before.

Cast of Characters:
Theo, Knight of the Holy Order of Blue (John)

Theo, Knight of the Holy Order of Blue wakes up on a gritty floor, his head is pounding and he is trying to shake the cobwebs from his head. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got here but he does know his name.

He sits up and takes a look at his surroundings he seems to be in the basement, there are broken crates about, debris and some stairs leading up. He sees his heavy mace and picks it up, then there are sounds coming from the shadows. Whatever it is in the shadows, it doesn’t sound human.

A ghoul comes forward.

Theo swings the mace.


Theo and the Ghoul go toe to toe and in a few rounds the ghoul has been dispatched. He does another hit to the ghoul to make sure it doesn’t get back up and then does a search of his surroundings.

His head still hurts and he cannot remember anything that has happened to him prior to waking up here. In the dim torchlight he can make out tattoos on his arms. He can make out a clear eye, some swords and a name “Mist Moors” before he hears some muttering from a stair well.

Theo can hear them and they must be speaking in a dialect other than common. He decides to climb up the stairs. They are old and wooden and creak underneath his weight. He then emerges into a hallway and sees a door half ajar and light coming through, he sees shadows and here them talking. He doesn’t want to intrude but seeing that he doesn’t know where he is and decides to open the door and see what is what.


Theo sees skeletal remains of a giant on the floor and three cultist who are ransacking the area looking for something and they haven’t spotted him yet.He steps into the room and prepares for battle.

Now here’s where things get dicey since there are three and Theo is only one. It’s a long hard fought battle as Theo in a few rounds kills one and then is wounded in the process but he stands toe to toe with the remaining two. His armour takes a beating and eventually becomes useless and he fells another cultist. The remaining one breaks free and begins to flee.

Theo flings his Heavy Mace at him as a projectile missile and hits the fellow in the back and takes him down for the count. With only a couple of Con points left he decides to take a rest.

And thus ends our little sample of Tunnels & Trolls Fifth edition.

Crashed & Burned

Well, last night’s session of Atomic Highway crashed and burned. I should of figured the Easter Weekend would have thrown a monkey wrench into game night.  So, I ventured forth to Roll20 and work on an adventure there and ended up running a Tunnels & Trolls one shot which I will blog in full detail later.

Along The Way – A Gamma World Sample Combat

Sample Gamma World Combat

I’ve been preparing to run a Gamma World 2nd edition campaign and looking forward to seeing it come to light after a few weeks of false starts. Chris had created a PSH named Wyke a couple of weeks back, and after recruiting another player (Wendel) and him creating another PSH named Abrum last night. I decided to run them through a sample combat before we kick off the campaign.

Chris hasn’t played GW before and Wendel hasn’t played it in over 30 years. So, I decided to do a sample encounter to give a feel and the flow of the game mechanics.

Wyke and Abrum are walking along an old highway heading north, it’s spring and the snow has melted and they are heading to Kandor Kull to see what they can find at the open trade market there now that spring is here and the roads are clear for travel once again. With Wyke leading the way they are making the journey pretty good until Wyke sets off a alarm and alerts the 2 nomadic warriors nearby. He didn’t spot the tripwire that was strung low on the road and thus the nomads spring forth to see if these fellows are easy pickings.

Gamma World a d6 is rolled for initiative and if the Dex Score for each point above 15 a plus one is added to the die roll. Wyke and Abrum have 16 Dex so they add two to their roll. The combat is d20 based with Attack Matrixes to combat; Weapon being used against the defenders Armor Class and.

Physical Attack Matrix

Since Wyke is firing a musket it has a Weapon Class of 9, the Nomad’s Armor Class is 8. Compare with the Matrix I chart we see that Wyke needs a 10 or better to hit. Basically, following along the similiar path of the AD&D combat matrix.

With musket’s firing and clubs swinging the combat is a brutal one, with Wyke taking the brunt of the damage. I won’t get into the blow by blow account of the battle but just say that it was good getting back into the Old School style of gaming once again. Especially,  the Gamma World groove. And with me fumbling around with my notes and rechecking the core rulebook to shake the cobwebs from my memory of the the game mechanics. I think the players had some fun… well, I hope they did.

But, overall it was a fun evening for me.



Traveling Back To Gamma World

Here Be Gamma World

I’ve dusted off an old module that I had written for the 1st edition of Gamma World. I don’t know how I came up with the title “The Sky Goes Clank” since it’s more of a dungeon crawl (or in this case an old Mall Crawl).

The premise is that a farmer was digging a well when the bottom of the land opened up. He sent a farmhand and one of his sons down to explore and they never returned. Heading back to the village/town he informs the elders of his discovery.

The players are selected to go and find out the farmers son and farmhand and to explore this underground chamber. I wrote this adventure during my AD&D heyday so it was a huge dungeon crawl.

Now, I’m dusting it off once again and preparing to run it via Roll20. A fellow who hasn’t played GW is interested in seeing the game mechanics at work and what to expect when playing an old school game like GW. The adventure I wrote 35 years ago hasn’t aged all that well, I must say. It’s very random, very strange and no rhyme or reason why things should co-exist in the same area. But, that’s old school for you!

I’m looking forward to adventuring back into the past to see what the future was like through the eyes of a young fellow who discovered role playing games. My youthful insight during the days when the Cold War was hot, Ronald Reagan becoming President, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was banned at high school.