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Canada Day Eh Con

Well, it’s July 1st weekend here and you know what that means. Canada Day weekend. And what better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than a one day game convention on Saturday. Well, not an actual one just a spur of … Continue reading

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Thief In The Night

A Tyranny of Dragons  5e Campaign (Side Trek) Game Session: March 3rd 2018 Cast of Characters: Harbek Dankil, a dwarf barbarian (Darryl) Lander Lakeman, a human wizard (Chance) GM NOTE: Here be spoilers for those who haven’t played the Tyranny … Continue reading

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Everway: Myserran Sphere/Realm

Everway is one of those games that I really wanted to play and never got a chance to run. I even had created a Sphere for the players to explore, but I never did got to execute due to it … Continue reading

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Exploring Rhand

I’ve been reading through Living Steel High Tech Role Playing System for the past few days and rediscovering the world of Rhand and it’s inhabitants once again. It’s been a little while since I have and now I’m digging it … Continue reading

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White Dove Down – Second Act

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale Cast of Characters: Jackson “Mr. Tyme” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance) Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl) Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan) And if a double-decker bus Crashes into us To die by your side Is such … Continue reading

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Survival of the Fittest

A Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG adventure Cast of Characters: GameMaster (Cecil) Kane, a human warrior (Jason) Kiera, a human magician (John) Gears, a clockwork warrior (Nathan) Pung, an orc warrior (Tim) We are all part of a caravan … Continue reading

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A Quick Word About Worlds Beyond

Risk everything and confront your destiny. In Worlds Beyond, the future is now. Explore known space as one of four sentient races – Human, Dolf, Sher’tazi and Swarr. Probe the complexities of interstellar politics, alien interaction and corporate intrigue. Only … Continue reading

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