Everway: Myserran Sphere/Realm


Myserran for Everway Visionary Role Playing Game

Everway is one of those games that I really wanted to play and never got a chance to run. I even had created a Sphere for the players to explore, but I never did got to execute due to it being a “diceless” role playing game since a couple of players weren’t really into at the time. From time to time I’d dust Everway off the shelf and give it a read through and what not, add an idea to a realm and then put it back on the shelf.

The concept of Everway is that characters have a power of spherewalking, they travel between worlds which are known as “spheres”. Everway is a city in a world that has portals to anywhere and everywhere, and is the base of operations of our heroes. They travel to other realms to explore, to discover, to find ancient relics, to solve conflicts due to interpretation of cards overturned on the table. Hence the Visionary role playing game title.

I had made up called Myserran which was sort of a inspired by The Belgariad and Redwall, as well as the Three Musketeers. It’s a realm where our heroes explore a world of anthropomorphic mice and men and get caught up in a huge war.  I had envisioned a 17th century earth motif of swords and muskets and steam-powered ships and trains about the country side. Our heroes would arrive at a small town north of the Missia Sea and become embroiled in a conflict between a group of rogue like men who where attacking a group of aristocratic looking mice traveling with a human troubadour.

Depending on the players action and the events unfold would draw them deeper into the realm. Maybe, one of these days I’ll get to run a session or two to see how it goes and how the game mechanics actually work with players as well.


Exploring Rhand


I’ve been reading through Living Steel High Tech Role Playing System for the past few days and rediscovering the world of Rhand and it’s inhabitants once again. It’s been a little while since I have and now I’m digging it once again. It’s has several tropes in a sci-fi game that one can dig:

A beautiful colony world

An alien invasion

Armored Suits


and more!

The system is clunky but doable. I really think I wouldn’t mind running a series of adventures once again. I had picked up the hardcover of the rules last year at Cangames and I’d never figured I’d get a box set of it once again. But, lo and behold I did. I’m pretty glad about it as well. The only thing missing from the box set is the huge map of Rhand that came with it. But as a bonus I did receive the Operation Seven Swords source book in it.



White Dove Down – Second Act

A Quick & Dirty Cyberpunk 2020 tale

Cast of Characters:
Jackson “Mr. Tyme” Laurier, Corporate MoFo (Chance)
Thad Thaddeus, Solo (Darryl)
Shalimar Seppuku, Rockeboy (Nathan)

And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten-ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine.

The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

In the five days that takes Thad to recover, Shalimar had returned from his gig and joined the team to get caught up on the events that happened. Tyme with his contacts want to know what exactly the dead goon in Amaria Jayde’s apartment with the Totentanz stamp on his hand was doing? Was it coincidence that he was there in the night club as well the same night as the dead corporate girl?

Back in Essence Investigation, Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar. go over their options of what to do next. Meanwhile, out on the street below the building the sound of gunfire can be heard among the rumble of thunder. Shalimar shows off some of the items had bought; the old saying “A Rockerboy and His Eurodollars are soon parted”, including a full set of metal gear, a missile launcher and also a  chipped in Gorilla. A hulking imposing creature with cybernetic implants that can drive a vehicle and shoot a weapon if needed be.

News filter in with the death of another corporate kid, Handsome Jawn, has died of a heroin overdose. Social media searches reveal that he was part of Amaria Jayde’s circle and apparently lived hard and died rather painful, also that he’s been scene with Amaria Jayde on the circuit as well and a computer search shows that both Handsome and Amaria have been hanging out with the same red-headed girl.

With no netrunner to guide them along on their search they do things the old fashioned way and use social media to put the pieces to the puzzle together. The girl is Patti 88 another socialite but from a different corporate family. Tyme and Thad seem to think that someone is trying to off the rich kids so that the corp orates will war with each other?

Thad calls up Patti88 and a gruff voice answers. The voice on the other end is also trying to get information and Thad hangs up. Seems that Patti 88 is also in trouble at the moment. Tyme calls his NCPD connection, Strawberry, to get a lead on Patti 88 and he discovers that Patti 88 is the sister of an Body shoppe med-tech who has a walk in clinic near the DMZ as well.  Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is open for business 28 hours a day! It just so happens that Doctor Wu’s name is the prescription on the bottles that Tyme had found in Jayde’s medicine cabinet before the place went boom.

So our heroes make a trip to Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic to see what answers they can get. They decide to by an old delivery van and gear up for combat, since they are heading into the edge of the DMZ. After a quick drive by to scoot the area out first and look for quick escape routes to see what escape options they have in case things get too hot to handle.


 Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic is located in a rough section of the town and has a boostergang lounging around in the front. The booster gang are none other than “The Piranhas” a party hard kind of crowd.

Our heroes decide to take the direct approach on the matter and proceed in like they are there to see the good doctor. Thad backs in to the front door, Tyme jumps out of the back and glances around with the huge gorilla standing there in Metal Gear with a huge ass weapon. The Piranhas back off saying there are only here waiting on a buddy whose getting patched up and if they have a beef with the doctor maybe they could wait til the job is done? The Piranhas state that they’ll wait in the bar across from the clinic.

The clinic is extremely busy in the wee hours of the morning, the chairs are full of citizens, some hurt, some not and just want a shot of whatever drug they can get. A solo is sleeping by the receptionist who looks like she’s been hired recently and looks like she just doesn’t have a clue in the world of what she is doing. A baby is crying, an addicted is screaming lyrics to a song about Voodoo people, and it sounds like someone is being operated without any anesthesia whatsoever from the back room.

Tyme chats with the frazzled receptionist and tells her that they should clear out the building. Doctor Wu’s solo, Nerf, is three sheets to the wind and agrees with the situation saying he’s not bad all that well for “this kind of $h!t that’s about to go down”. So, the group clears out the lobby.

They head down the hallway where the screaming is coming from, while taking a look in other areas if the door is open or the blinds up from windows. There in one of the medical bays they see Doctor Wu on a table being questioned by two imposing goons. It seems that this team was hired by the father of Handsome Jawn to find out what happened to his son and who sold him the lethal drug that caused his overdose. Doctor Wu states he knows nothing at all about any heroin or why his name is on bottles found in places as well.

And that’s when Patti 88 arrives with a “squad” of her own and this is where it all goes sideway in one helluva of a battle at Doctor Wu’s Back Alley Clinic! The other “team” that was hired leave stating they got information they wanted and let Tyme, Thad, and Shalimar handle Patti 88 and her team.

There is a battle, bullets flying and scarring up the walls and doors, bouncing over armour here and there as well. The gorilla gets into the fight as well. Let’s just say that the good doctor had passed away due to injuries sustain and a section of the clinic destroyed due to an explosive device as well.

And our heroes are left with more questions than answers.

But, isn’t that the nature of Cyberpunk? 😉

Survival of the Fittest

A Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG adventure

Cast of Characters:
GameMaster (Cecil)
Kane, a human warrior (Jason)
Kiera, a human magician (John)
Gears, a clockwork warrior (Nathan)
Pung, an orc warrior (Tim)

We are all part of a caravan heading to a settlement called Fletcher’s Rest. One evening as the caravan is about to set up camp for the night a huge group of bandits strike. There is a huge battle and a lot of blood spilled, but in the end it seems like the bandits have one.

When dawn arrives the survivors; Kane, Kiera, Gears, and Pung gather together. Kane has a newborn baby with him and he doesn’t say anything about it but it’s slung in a rucksack with blankets and a bottle. Gathering our gear and setting off to find the roadway we stumble about through the forest making our way to civilization. Until we find a main road way and proceed north, a few miles travel and there is a group of brigands.

A slight scuffle and then a discovery, the brigand leader had a piece of paper in his pockets though the paper is stained we are able to make out “caravan arriving…. heading west… the jewel…” it seems this group had been in on the assault. Making our way along the roadway there is a bend in the road and a trail that leads off. Somewhere in the distance there is a coyote baying. We decide to check the trail and walk a few miles in, but then their is decision that we must find Fletcher’s Rest and tell them what happened. As we make our way back to the main road, we are attacked by giant spiders!

The battle isn’t a long one but we do have wounded. We decide to set up camp once we make it to the road, a clearing and decide to set up watch. Gears said he will stand on guard since he is a clockwork person and doesn’t really need sleep. As Kane, Kiera and Pung settle in Gears is on duty. Throughout the evening the coyote baying gets closer and closer and Gears figures it’s going to be an attack and proceeds to awaken everyone else. A werecoyote emerges from the woods and attacks. The battle is a huge one but manage to take the were down for the count.

In the dawn, the heroes patch themselves up and make their way along the road and a few miles of travel they hear chatter in the woods. They discover it’s two guards from Fletcher’s Rest who have been searching for the caravan. Kiera informs them that it had been ambushed by bandits and we are all that’s left of it. They inform us that the bandit’s den is close by but first, they take us to a  witch that lives in the area. Her name is Rayna and she tells us that the Jewel of the Flayed King is missing and needs to be returned to Fletcher’s Rest. We decide to go hunt out the bandits, Kane hands over the newborn to the guards to bring back to Fletcher’s Rest and that we shall return there once we located the bandits and retrieve the Jewel and he can pick up the child. The guards tell us the gem is located in the caravan strongbox that the bandits must of confiscated.

We make our way back to the trail where the spiders were and follow the trail deeper into the woods and until a clearing where there is a small tower on a hill. Since it’s morning, there is no activity going on outside as we approach. Figuring the bandits must be resting after a night of celebrating, we make up to the tower without incident and then Pung decides to bash the door. The bandits are caught off guard and there is a huge battle going on and then after several hard fought rounds the bandits have been dealt with and the leader of the bandits captured! We find the lockbox from the caravan and the gem is still inside. We decide to head to Fletcher’s Rest.


After a long day of travel we decide to set up camp for the night. The bandit leader tied up to a tree with Gears keeping watch at night. Then there is a howling in the evening, which get closer and closer and the Huntsman appears. A huge brute of a being that spits blood and is armed with sharp blades. It kills the bandit king and gives us a warming to “give back the jewel” before it leaves in the night.This was a pretty weird encounter which had us stumped since the beast was huge and deadly and we were ready for battle but it turned and left the way it came after killing the bandit king.


In the morning, we pack up and arrive at Fletcher’s Rest late in the day and go to the mayor’s residence to give him the jewel, retrieve the baby and take up residence in the inn before there is one hell of an encounter as “The Flayed King” arrives for the jewel that we gave to the mayor and then the Huntsman appears and there is one hell of a battle. We don’t know what to make of the situation other than getting bashed around a bit and then we flee the town and let the two big baddies duke it out. In a situation like this we don’t know who is Godzilla and who is King Kong? Who do we side with? But we left the town to it’s own fate.



A Quick Word About Worlds Beyond

worlds beyond

Risk everything and confront your destiny. In Worlds Beyond, the future is now. Explore known space as one of four sentient races – Human, Dolf, Sher’tazi and Swarr. Probe the complexities of interstellar politics, alien interaction and corporate intrigue. Only the smart, the brave and the lucky dare to live out their dreams. Take the challenge . . .

Worlds Beyond is a science fiction role playing game written by Frank S. Shewmake and published in 1989 by Other World Games. Using the BRP system of Chaosium this space opera game offers a pretty neat star mapping system.

I had picked this game up when I was living in North Bay, ON in 1990. I was attending college (for the second time around) and there were three hobby/comic book shops I frequented on a regular basis over the week.  One store had always brought in a few obscure/indie role playing games to display on the shelf as well. And this one caught my eye and I picked it up and give it a quick glance over and liked what I saw.

I created a character for the system as soon as I got home. A human spacer by the name of Rahn Bellows.

There are four character races (one including human).  The other races are:

Dolf who are a specials of intelligent, warm blooded bipeds. Standing 180 cm, around 80 kg in weight. They are traders by nature and love a bargain. Green skinned and lizard like in appearance.

Sher’Tazi are smei-bipeds, resembling tall slender insect like beings akin to grasshoppers or preying mantis. The hold of air of arrogance and nobility about them, and dress in regal clothing and wearing masks.

Swarr a race of intelligent cat-like bipeds, boastful in their exploits and akin to cause trouble if there is trouble to be had.

There is a lot history and culture for over 20 worlds, and with the Star/Planet Generator there is room to create many many worlds. Overall, this is a pretty nifty game.