RPGaDAY 18: Benefits? What Benefits?


What innovation could RPG groups benefit most from?

You can’t improve on perfection already.


RPGaDAY 17: Make Your Saving Throw…


What fictional character would best fit in your group?

Currently my group consists of two players, what fictional character would I like to have around the table playing as well? I’d say Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes fame. That little tyke has the imagination to fill the void and with his sidekick, Hobbes, I’d get two players for the the price of one!

RPGaDAY 16: Why We Need A Holodeck


Historical person you’d like in your group? What game?

Okay Sherman set the Wayback Machine to 1600 because we are about to rendezvous with William Shakespeare and do some Changeling: The Dreaming. I figured a campaign situated in a Midsummer’s Night Dream would be awesome to run with Shakespeare sitting at the table.

Changeling was a part of White Wolf’s original world of darkness line. Where players created fae souls reborn into human bodies as characters. I wouldn’t mind having the Great Bard at the table spinning a yarn of an adventure or two that’s for damn sure.

RPGaDAY 15: Liberated From Others


What best source of inspiration for RPGs?

Well, let’s just say that everything and anything is a source of inspiration for gaming; books, movies, televisions, news events, graphic novels, comic books, cartoons, etc. These are where the ideas comes form.

Also I find the best source is basically the fear and paranoia the players say during the session which also helps shapes the campaign. When a red herring turns into one of the biggest campaigns ever, that is thanks to the players due to saying something that I had never thought of and then incorporate it into the session. It’s basically a free for all when it comes to writing up adventures and adding your own twist to things that makes it all kinds of fun.

RPGaDAY 12: Play the Game


What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

Currently my group has disbanded, but we were in the middle of a Conspiracy X campaign. A modern horror role playing game inspired by X-Files tv series. I ran several sessions and were doing a pretty big one when we took a break in the action. Due to life events happening, my commitment to the theatre in a production and since then we haven’t gotten together to finish it.

Since then I ran a couple of one shots here and there: Atomic Highways, Chthonian Highways, and Nefertiti Overdrive. The first two are post-apocalypse aka Road Warrior style games, the third is set in Ancient Egypt in a fantasy trope.

Now, that summer is waning and the fall will be upon us it’s time to think about starting up gaming once again. And, I’m thinking of running a far future science fiction game. I’m either looking at Traveller, Space Opera,  or Worlds Beyond. That’s what I’m thinking of… but who knows what will happen when that time comes.

RPGaDAY 11: The Gamer


Which gamer most affected the way you play?

I thought long and hard on this one, and it boils down to two people; but I will go with one for this one and that fellow is Jack Campbell. Back when I first started playing in 1979 it was just an after school club, but it expanded to the weekends when we did some gaming over either at Bob’s house or it was at Chris’s place. But, it was mostly over at Bob. His dad Jack, let us play our geeky game but he was interested in what we were doing.

It was quite a few sessions later that when one adventure had ended, Jack piped in and said do you fellows mind if I run something for you. Bob was quite surprise and he said sure, he wouldn’t mind being a player. So, the next session his father wrote up and ran us through one of the biggest mind-farked adventure. Now, this wasn’t run of the mill, since he told us everything in the beginning about the big bad boss in the adventure who was just a low level peon in Hades but managed to get himself banned on earth. Once there he had set up one of the biggest scams ever for adventurers. A resort island with a magical vault, several islands to explore and treasure to be had.

The way Jack told the adventure in the story and building it up as he went along, had all our high level characters around the table in fear for our lives. Our characters were trapped in the resort, our items locked in the vault that we couldn’t get out except for a key gem and to get this demon to give us what we truly wanted. Everything was there in his rhymes, riddles and events but we couldn’t see it.


Though, upon reflection we had discussed about it once the session was over and boy were ever fooled. Jack had billed up to the huge conflict and when that little demon appeared before us we fled like chickens from a fox! It wasn’t until someone realized that the demon couldn’t do us no harm since we were told that in the first place….

Jack delivered one hell of a session. He never did run another session since life sometimes gives you a kick in the shins. When I started GMing I wanted to emulate his style and finesse and incorporate mundane into a mystical magical fantasy setting.

RPGaDay 10: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise


Largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

Sweet Jebus Cheetos! I have had many in-game surprises over the years that I just can’t single it down to one. Maybe, I should just go with the first in-game surprise I had encountered.

It was my first time playing Traveller (or it could of been another space game similiar to that… I think maybe even Space Opera) back in the days of yore, back in the bad ol’ days of the 80’s. We were players on a scouting expedition, our craft had landed and we disembarked on a hovercraft, floating just above the tree tops when suddenly some huge-ass dinosaur-like creature rears up it’s head and snatches our tiny craft. It shakes it’s head and our party was dropping to the ground like flies on a cill. We were two minutes into the adventure and I thought my goodness this is going to be one hell of a session.

My character hit the ground hard, I think he had bounced off a rock and done some serious damage. Several ribs broken, arm was twisted with a piece of bone showing through, and a major gash on on his head. He was bleeding out and was about to die in a round or two. The medic was stunned and walking around in a daze just as the dinosaur-like creature spotted her and he made a bee line for her figuring she was the next lunch.

Since my character was going to die, he pulled the pins on few grenades that he had on him and yelled at the big beast trying to get his attention and it worked, because the next thing you saw was the beast take a bite of my character and then it exploded!

I figured they’d grab the stuff off my character and continue on with the mission, but the medic wanted to do a proper burial for him with his stuff. It was a touching moment as they did indeed dig a grave and said a few words about him. That was quite the surprise for me, indeed.