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Space Opera

This morning I received a ton of Space Opera supplements and modules. I had already picked up the box set at Cangames a couple of years back. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening up the parcel that was … Continue reading

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RPGaDay 19,20 & 21: Ketchup

19. Best way to learn a new game? Is probably still the learn as you go routine. That’s how I done it. Back when I first discovered a group of fellow students playing AD&D I didn’t know what the heck … Continue reading

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RPGaDAY 12: Play the Game

What game is your group most likely to play next? Why? Currently my group has disbanded, but we were in the middle of a Conspiracy X campaign. A modern horror role playing game inspired by X-Files tv series. I ran … Continue reading

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RPGaDay 10: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Largest in-game surprise you have experienced? Sweet Jebus Cheetos! I have had many in-game surprises over the years that I just can’t single it down to one. Maybe, I should just go with the first in-game surprise I had encountered. … Continue reading

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