Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is.

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I posted any game summaries. I will rectify that shortly.

Last night I continued on the Atomic Highway with a new addition to the group. It saw a slight change in gaming dynamics at the table, having a fresh new face and some new ideas and insight on situations that kept the other players on their toes as well.

It’s always good to add a new face to the table, it’s like a much needed shot in the arm for creativity and the unknown player responses adds fuel to the fire as well.





Well Now…

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me. Having been involved in a theatrical production at the local theatre and seven performances of Fort Hemlock, a historical tale about an incident that happened in the small town that I live in, and once that was over we then headed up to visit my folks for a couple of days. Like I said I’ve been busy as a beaver.

Last night was my regular scheduled game night and we continued on with our Atomic Highway campaign ( I will blog about that session later). It was good to get back into it since I’m having a blast with it. Though, on a sad note my Sunday evening Call of Cthulhu has been put on hold since one of my players decided to run away and join the circus.

On a plus note I had acquired some new to me role playing games.

New Games1

The second edition of Heaven & Hell by Guardians of Order. It’s been one of those games that I’ve been interested in getting but never had the chance to until lately.  It looks good and being produced by Guardians makes it a Tri-Stat game that I do enjoy running since the mechanics are pretty simple and smooth.

Gatecrasher is another surprise for me since I was expecting a Fudge version of the game but unexpectedly when it arrived it was the 1st edition that I didn’t even know about. I don’t know where it was that I had played a session of the second edition (could be Cangames?) but I do know that I had fun playing it and figured I’d have to hunt this game up to give it another go.

Rune was one of those role playing games that is based of a video game. I had liked playing and figure I pick up the role playing game to have and maybe, just maybe give it a one shot playing now and then. It’s viking and monsters and it seems like a very neat little game concept since each encounter is set up by players around the table.

And finally I got my grubby paws on another copy of AfterWars by Stellar Games! I had leant my original copy to a player who I thought wanted to read the game, but instead he took it home and broke the spine of the game so that he could photocopy the pages. My copy of the game didn’t come back in good shape with a few pages falling out. Boy, was I ticked.

AfterWars is a post apocalyptic role playing game that I like to run every now and then because it’s very simple game mechanics and then the setting is anything from straight survival or battling mutants strange critters from “Universal Joints”.

So, basically, there you have it.

Backyard Con 2017

2017 d1a

Call of Cthulhu

Day 1: BackyardCon 2017 kicked off Friday morning with some Call of Cthulhu (5e) action. I thought it was going to be rained on but the sun managed to poke through the clouds and chase them away. Figuring I’d get the same amount of attendees like I did the previous years.

I had wrote up an adventure based on the example play in the book and called it “Where is Bosso Morgan?” and a second part “What Happened to Bosso Morgan?”.

Mapping out some sewers in Arkham City and a Warehouse as well as a cargo ship since clues might be found at either location as well. With the adventures set it was time to pack up and hit the theatre. Friday evening it was opening night of “Fort Hemlock” a play that I’ve been rehearsing for the past several weeks for the community theatre  in town.

backyard con 2015 d2c

Horror Rules & Coffee

Day 2: I kicked off with some Horror Rules – The Simply Horrible Role-Playing Game and created a zombie apocalypse scenario. A small town being surrounded by the undead and the characters have to fight their way out!

Another overcast day but it promised to clear up a bit before the end of the morning. Horror Rules is a simple role playing game and a little fun to run since it takes the movie tropes of the 80’s and splash them across pages of the book.

I just might have to run this one at CanGames on these years.  Around 11 I brought out one of my favourite RPGs from GDW: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – The Roleplaying Game and did a little rewrite of an old scenario just for the sake of it might come into play one of these days.


backyard con 2015 d2a

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

C&D is based on the Mark Shultz’s comic Xenozoic Tales in a world gone made where Dinosaurs roam the earth along with classic old cars retrofitted to travel through the rough terrain.

I’m also working on a map of the Inland Sea area and hope to have that one finished shortly since it’s an intriguing area and quite unknown since the comic books only mention it but no one has ever explored beyond there.

Who knows there night be another clan or two?

As the afternoon wane on, it was time to the put the game away and prepare for a second performance of “Fort Hemlock”.

Day 3.  I woke from a strange dream and jotted down few ideas. Since they where in note form and dawned open me that maybe, just might it might fit into a Fiasco playset.

2017 d3a


So I got up, made myself a coffee and sat out back with my Fiasco books and started writing up a playset set in a futuristic city with some very nasty surprises awaiting the ordinary city folk who might just get pulled deeper and deeper into a strange plot filled with conspiracies, double crosses and little green men from Mars!

After that it was off back to the theatre for an afternoon performance of “Fort Hemlock”. And thus ended my three days of BackyardCon.






After These Messages We’ll be Right Back

My regularly scheduled Saturday evening game was cancelled due to it being a long weekend and some of my players had other plans for the weekend. So, I dust off a couple of the games off my shelf to give them another read through and jot some notes down of possible adventures and plot hooks as well.

On Saturday it was the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game. Since I was inspired by the movie Atomic Blonde and jotting down some ideas that were swimming around in my head. Figured I’d run an adventure set in the 80’s and then it dawn on me that Sprechenhallestelle would be perfect! It’s an European city with a lot of strange stuff happening at the same time and would run it similar to Atomic Blonde.

On Sunday, I decided it would be Gangbusters 1920’s Role Playing Game, which is another TSR Game, that I really, really would love to play.  I ran a one shot once in a blue moon but never a full fledged campaign in. It’s a game I had in my gaming collection and then I traded it away for something else,  and was lucky enough to find another copy of  it a couple years back.

Then Monday it was Twilight 2000 turn on the table. This is one of those role playing games that I would like to also run an epic campaign with with the series of modules that came with it. Starting in Poland and then each module brought you closer and closer to getting home (that’s if the character lived that long).

Each of these box sets offer a unique era to play in Espionage ala 1980’s perspective when the cold war was hot. 1920’s in a place called Lakefront City (which is basically Chicago) dealing with mob bosses and bootlegging, and finally a world torn apart by WWIII and some soldiers just wanting to get back home.

Yorkdale Blues

While going through some of my games I discovered a duo-tang with notes and ideas of the fictional setting of Yorkdale City.

I had created for Bram Stoker’s Dracula Role Playing Game by Leading Edge Games. The adventure was set in 1920’s in Canada. Yorkdale City was located off the coast of Lake Ontario somewhere between Toronto and Kingston, On.

The players are hired by a relative of a missing person to see what happened and what they can discover. The last piece of communication from the missing person was several weeks ago and now there had been nothing since, calls have been made to Yorkdale but there was nothing that can be found and that’s when the players come in.

Yorkdale City 1

I had jotted down several locations about the city and especially Yorkdale Correctional Facility where something was amiss there. There was a underground speakeasy I called “Dante’s Den” which was a place of ill repute and an old abandoned manor “Granite Garden” that was a den for some vampires.

I never did get to run the adventure in the setting but I just might use it for a Call of Cthulhu adventure… or maybe I should just run it as is at a convention sometime.



Atomic Highway: Have A Safe Trip

*From July 8th 2017

Cast of Characters:
Merddyn Baruma, a feral beastmaster (Nathan)
Jeet Jeet, a Trog Scavenger (Darryl)

After a meeting with Greybeard Gunn, Jeet approaches Merddyn and tells him that whent hey return from their current trip that he plans on exploring the ruins of Edmund’s Ton City for this mystical See-Eff-Bee complex which is rumoured to hold a lot of ancient artifacts that just might come in handy.

They arrive at the gathering point where the caravan has fueled the tank with gas and have several vehicles ready to head out for the trip to Salvation. The big rig has been repaired, they four armoured vehicles tagging along as well as four cycles as well as a huge bus full of people wanting to head to Salvation.

Merddynn and Jeet decide to take their posts on the tanker, manning the crossbow weapon and also to keep eyes and ears open for any sudden attacks. Even though they have befriend  the Suns of Sudden there are still a lot of danger out there in the wasteland. Big Barda and her gunner, Slim Phantom, are ready to take the lead and they share a walk talkie with Jeet. Since Jeet would be slightly elevated and can see any sign of trouble and relay it back to them.

Merddynn assures them that his eagle and moose will be ready as well. Big Barda takes comfort in that after hearing the stories of these two beasts had done to the last group of people that tried to mess with the caravan.

The caravan leaves Markstown with a few of the Suns of Sudden tagging along just for good measure to make sure they leave the area safely, once they have reach the boundary the Suns will break off and return to Markstown. The caravan continues on a few more hours before deciding to hold up for the evening. Apparently, no one wants to mess with this group with the moose on guard and the eagle circling overhead acting as a drone. While Jeet and Merddynn are on watch they catch sight of movment off in the distance and they go to investigate and discover a feral child. He’s been living on his own and is wearing the hide of animals and has several sharp sticks on him.

They capture him and bring him into camp, the feral kid doesn’t say much other than grunt or bark at them. One of the caravan’s guard wants to put a bullet in the feral kid’s head to put him out of misery and just to be safe in the long run. Jeet thinks the kid just might be a loner and not working for anyone else and decides to let the kid go. The feral kid doesn’t want to go but decides to stay since there is food, warmth and people looking at him. Jeet says the kid just might be useful after all and decide to give the kid a name “Hoop”.

Dawn the next day the caravan breaks camp before sun up and hit the road, it looks like it’s going to be a long overcast day as chem storm rolls in. Black icky rain falls from the heaven, stinging exposed skin and making it even harder to watch the horizon. Using makeshift ponchos and wearing goggles they make their way across the terrain towards Salvation. Jeet, Merdynn and the rest suffer minor acid burns from the black tarry rain but there is nothing else had happened. Jeet summarizes that even bad guys don’t like to get caught in this “gunk”.

The arrive at a burnt out toll booth, the bridge is damaged as well and a good section had been blown up. The caravan stops and decides what to do next and Jeet and Merrdynn say they will see if the bridge can hold them because it will take another day to get to Salvation if they have to find a way to cross. The bridge is sturdy but they realize that only one vehicle at a time can cross and they decide to do that. There is nearly a mishap with the tanker as it got caught in a crumbling section of the bridge (due to the fact that the tanker was filled to the brim with gasoline), but everyone managed to help it across by tying a rope and heaving like they never heaved before.

As the last vehicle crosses they activate a mine that everyone else seemed to miss and it blows, the bridge and the vehicle go toppling into the gorge. After a quick prayer, the caravan heads out and reaches Salvation by night’s end.

Hoop is sticking close to Jeet’s side as they enter the ‘stead. Salvation is a small settlement in the heart of a nuked city’s ruins which is protected by a high , thick wall of reclaimed concrete and stone. An immaculate old church stands at the heart of the settlement and the caravan is greeted by Pastor David Wrens, the leader of the ‘stead.

Jeet, Merrdynn, Hoop, Big Barda and Slim Phantom don’t plan on sticking around and plan on heading back to Markstown in the morning. They get their reward for the trek, a good bed and a meal as well and a prayer from Pastor Wren thanking them for delivery the tanker without incident.